` Zhen Yue
pinkchidori asked :

Hi! I'm the one who just bought your last large Elsa poster :3 I got it already! That was fast. Keep up the awesome work! -Jenna xoxo PS. Your handwriting is amazing

zhen-yue answered :

Congrats on buying the last one! It’s one of my favorite posters and I hope you like it too! I’m super happy to hear you received it quickly, and thanks for writing to let me know! I love hearing from people O(∩_∩)O Enjoy~!

By the way, I took a quick look through your blog and was wondering, have you seen my Sasuke picture? :D




I bought these buttons upfront during Fanime2014 and they look exactly like the picture here! In person, they really caught my eye and there was no way I couldn’t buy it. I wore them on my bag to school everyday since then :33

Yay, I’m super happy to hear you like them and that you enjoyed yourself at Fanime! You officially have the coolest bag of your entire school now O(∩_∩)O